Slide the eyeballs around a grid to arrange same color eyeballs into shapes that match the challenge shape. Each level starts with 2 minutes on the countdown clock. Bonus time is awarded for matches that are made within 4 moves or  less. The less moves to make a match, the

more bonus time you will get. Five, and later six, matches progress the user to the next level. Each level has a new challenge shape and the grid size, the number of empty spaces, stones, and holes might change. Replaying a level will change the arrangement of the eye tiles, empty spaces, stones and holes for

that level.

On iPhones, please shut down all other apps to optimize performance.

If you have any questions please feel free to write us at

Eyeball tiles come in four colors. Move the titles around the board to arrange same color eyes to match the challenge shape. Yes, orientation matters.

Eyeballs can be moved more than one at a time. Moving an eyeball in the direction of an empy square will move it, and all the eyeballs between it and the empty square, one position in the desired direction.

The fewer moves you make to match the challenge shape, the more bonus time will be added to your remaining challenge time.

Stones can not be moved and they block the movement of eyeballs. You must work around the stones.

Moving an eyeball into a hole will randomly place the hole at an open square. Use holes to help arrange the eyeballs.

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